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Thank you!


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I'm not exactly a huge fan of Asia and her little crew. But half of your first few pages are pretentious inside jokes that happened around a year ago when all of those people were in the tag. So even if you think she is entitled, you can't ignore that you are as well.

Inside jokes are… Jokes? Not entitled behavior. So, I am not sure what you are getting at?

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Now asia is talking in her private twitter that you are making fun of jennas weight. Ugh she likes to patrol the tag and thrn goes and talks shit on her private twitter. I didnt take it as making fun of her weight is just that she is muscular, sure she is fit and has and amazing body. But that is how her body is built. Dont post this if you want, just commenting because probably youll get a lot of hate from Asias group of tumblr friends


what the shit

naw man this is fucked 

This is why I stopped messing with certain people on here, cause Asia and all her other followers made her “queen” a year ago or so… she is rude and entitled. I called out the tag a year or so ago because of the mess of her and a few other people. She and her followers created a hierarchy. The tag is better now, because everyone seems to mesh together, but a year or so ago, what ever she posted or a few of her close buddies posted were considered “gold” or commandments basically. It was annoying. Glad the good ones stuck around.


Lord give me strength .

Yassss Nick J is fionnneeee. YASS LAWD

You know you’ve been in this fandom awhile if you remember


The Maks, Val, and Z threesome TinyChat reading.


YASSSSSSS and the fanfics that stemmed from that chat thoughhhh xD

If you’ve shipped for 2 years, you would know

the inside joke of “Nether Regions”. LOL


What are you doing val Lol
her face tho



Found footage of the hug from tonight’s after show. Quality is pretty bad but it’s better than nothing. 

Val had to compose himself after that hug…