Sorry guys,

No valdaya talk on The View…


Still can’t wrap my head around how this happened. So sneaky yet so bold… The skirt lift. Her legs. His gawking. Someone fic the aftermath! CREDIT TO OWNER.


Another video of the last number. Credit to the owner. 


And here’s their final dance for the show… Those screen caps were from this vid… Looks like her skirt flew up too, hmmm

Dear King Alex,

We admire your support of our two favorite people, Queen Z and Lord V, but all we ask of you is that you pleasseeeeee upload a full Zendaya and Val routine in HD. Because we are dirty bastards that want to see how much Lord V enjoyed dancing with Queen Z. Also, bless Z, because she slayedddd honey.

With high regards, please let this message give you peace,

The whole Valdaya community on Tumblr.

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@Zendaya: tryna insinuate that it was me…. #itwasntme 😂😂😂😂 @iamvalc

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Final rehearsals for Sway : Episode 8 (x)

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Z, Wifey Statusing.😏

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