Lol I’m confused about last night


Team Paso [x]

Bringing classic valdaya moments back


Valdaya Week 7, Behind the scenes -

Remember when :3, im kinda worried about who his new partner will be :s

Just because, they look cuter together :)


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Val: “She’s mine Bro”


Well damnn, she wants him all to herself :)

Only a few weeks till DWM event :*

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I want to make sure that she looks like a million dollars every time she walks out
— Val Chmerkovskiy

He will also pick your wedding dress xD

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I think this is what is ruffling feathers…this tweet is deleted off the chicks twitter now. I believe Z’s RT about “don’t believe everything you read” is in direct response to the OkMag tweet I posted earlier…just my opinion

“don’t believe everything you read” Z has spoken

This girl is relatively little and she does know Z.  I think they share the same manager.  So either she was told something at this event last night, or by their shared manager, and just didn’t know enough to not tweet it publicly.  Or she just read some rumors online or something.  But Z’s fans are taking it as fact and running with it.  Either way it’s Z’s business. 

Would not be surprised if they were hiding it tbh and saying “dont believe what you hear”, but it’s actually the truth xD


I HAD TO!!!!!!! Lol

TeamValdaya-ers: Okay, I think that some of us need to chill out a little bit and I...


Okay, I think that some of us need to chill out a little bit and I count myself in this. I know that some people have been worried about Zendaya’s replay sales. I wanted to touch on a few things that I noticed.

First, it’s only available on itunes. I know that a lot of people use this, but I…

I agree that the music video will be the catalyst for her. Tbh, the song needs a video, but that’s just me. I need to sometimes have a visual for me to actually like it. I’m also not a singles girl, for me to buy a song I need to know the album is good, because I rather buy an album than a single… If she went on Ellen and performed the song or any other day time talk shows, then I think it would create a buzz around her as an artist. She needs to promo at the right places with the right people to capture a broader audience.