Damnnn she put him on blast 😂😂😂😂



Whhett?! This made me crack up for a good five minutes xD

valentin chmerkovskiy

Something is happening yall.

If you have not noticed or if you are new to this whole shipping Valdaya process, pay attention to what is going on now. Remember the foreign magazine that had Valdaya as an”item”? That was a test and now People magazine and others will soon follow the trend of having articles of Zendaya and Val together “again” and etc.

They are trying to see the reaction from their fans and from non-fans, but over time and little by little there will be a relationship revealed about these two.

Think of how People used a picture of Z and V together and we all know Trevor and cast/crew were probably at her small intimate birthday party as well. It’s also very interesting how Alex is putting out feelers and how he put out that pre-sway video with Val and Z. Val telling us [the audience watching the video] how special she was and telling Z how she was the “best ever”….

I sound vague, but notice how Z in the past few months has been trying to reinvent her style by trying to appear more mature. This is not a coincidence. Someone is working hard to transition them from just friends, DWTS buddies, to a couple. This will not be a PR relationship.


Happy birthday to this Queen 🎉

Just Saying


I am perfectly fine with people not shipping Valdaya. That’s fine.

I’d just really like to not be made to feel like there’s something wrong with me for doing so.

Exactly! They are probably from LSA and they need to stay on there with that nonsense. This tag is OUR personal space, so try us and we will defend each other and our ship.

Plus, if you have an issue with an age gap… Please question how the hell you got here, maybe ask about your ancestors, because age gaps are not a new phenomenon.


Anonymous asked:
Oh my god thank you for making that post about Valdaya. Seriously those shippers are fucking bat shit crazy, they are pathetic losers that need to get a damn life instead of sitting there watching the clock and treating today like its a holiday. Wow. Valdaya isn't gonna happen it's NEVER going to happen.


All of that says that it is gross. You are waiting for her 18th birthday, so you can ship them together…because it was fucked up to do so before. Why?

Becuase she was underaged.

They know it is bad, and creepy, but shit it ain’t real.

It’s disturbing. There isn’t even a justifiable age gap (at the very most two years). But no…we have people sitting here making something out of nothing…and that is what shippers do.

But to make something romantic out of Val and Zendaya’s mentor-student thing (from like a year ago)…no.

I watched Zendaya during DWTS, and I saw nothing romantic. But maybe my grown, grounded in reality ass could not see it. 

Oh hey guys, looks like we got another anti-Valdaya essay… This is getting old. People will ship who ever they want. Welcome to the world of Tumblr, hope you enjoy your stay.