Who else remembers when the valday tag got catfished…

Plus, the catfish was a bitch… Lets be real. Could not stand her snarky ass.

Mah babes

Anonymous asked:
Valdaya fandom is crazy! Obviously his insta post today was about his REAL GIRLFRIEND!


Now sweetheart,

and go

Yassss you got Anon together xD






Gurllllll lol


Ya lucky betch

CAN THEY STOPPPP and where the heck is Z? LOL it’s a love triangle going on xD


LSA spilt tea - May be old but Val and J are being pushed together to ease Valdaya rumours. Same goes for Trevor and Z - imo he seems to be crushing hard but how does one compete with a Chmerkovskiy?

Cleaners from ABC and Disney are everywhere. A lot of them send anons that push at Val/J.

You can choose to sip this tea or not, that ainโ€™t my business.

To those of you waiting for Zโ€™s 18th - Valdaya public dynamic may not change as much as you like - remember she is still attached to Disney.

I have noticed that as well. There are cleaners on here trying to make it seem that V and J are a couple and also pairing Val and Z with everyone else. Why send shippers messages about other ships? Our ship can care less if you think some other ship cute.

Also, these cleaners are annoying, they are making it worse actually. People will believe the rumors more than they did before, because the truth will always make sense.


Deja and val

I sooo ship Veja
minimist asked:
But I kinda agree with LSA on the set up front because what are the chances of airport photos of Jenna and Val and Zendaya and Trevor appearing so close together?

Exactly! People can decipher anyway as they please, but I question some of the things because of LSA lol. Tea on LSA is a rare and most of time the tea can be from someone with nothing to gain from it.

I kinda live in that site xD